DOC ranger with New Zealand robin
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Monday 31 July is World Ranger Day, acknowledging the critical work of rangers on the front-line of conservation across the globe. For us, it’s a chance to celebrate the amazing things that our hard-working rangers do across Aotearoa all year round.

Live Q&A session with our rangers

To celebrate World Ranger Day we hosted a live Q&A session with our rangers at 11 am Monday 31 July.

Our livestream is finished but we’re still keen to answer your questions. Any submitted after the livestream can feature in a follow up video. Thanks for your support.

Submit a question.

Our rangers are experts in many areas, but here are some key fields to inspire your questions:

  • biodiversity
  • species (kiwi, marine mammals, insects and more!)
  • DOC's historic places
  • Predator Free 2050
  • volunteering
  • working in difficult or remote areas.

Our rangers tell us about their day

World Ranger Day globally

The International Ranger Federation organizes World Ranger Day around the globe. Find out more about their work.

World Ranger Day on social media

For more about our rangers on 31 July follow us on:

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