Rock wren
PHOTO: Kerry Weston | DOC


Battle for our Birds is DOC's successful national pest control programme that protects our most vulnerable native species.


The programme uses biodegradable 1080 applied by air over large areas of rugged terrain to knock down rats, stoats and possums. Trapping and other ground-based pest control methods also play an important part. 

Advice for eating trout after 1080 operations

MPI advise seven day caution period.

Pest control in 2016

Widespread forest seeding this autumn will lead to another rapid rise in rat and stoats, putting our endangered native wildlife at further risk.

Our field staff and scientists continue to monitor pest levels to prioritise and target pest control to protect native species most at risk.

Map and status of pest control sites in 2016

Planning for additional pest control is now complete and the sites for this year’s programme have been confirmed.

Get the status and map of confirmed and proposed sites for pest control operations.

Success from pest control in 2014

Our 2014 pest control programme successfully stopped rat and stoat plagues triggered by widespread forest seeding. 

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