These species populations are highly susceptible to rat and stoat attack and have been targeted for protection in Battle for our Birds 2016.

Kea. Image: Herb Christophers | DOC 

Kākā. Image: Sabine Bernert ©

Haast tokoeka.
Haast tokoeka. Image: Sabine Bernert ©

Short-tailed bat.
Short-tailed bat/pekapeka. Image: Colin O'Donnell | DOC 

Rock wren.
Rock wren/tuke.Image: Sabine Bernert ©

Yellowhead/mohua. Image: James Reardon ©

Orange-fronted parakeet.
Orange-fronted parakeet. Image: Sabine Bernert ©

Blue duck/whio.
Blue duck/whio.Image: Sabine Bernert ©


Threat status: Nationally Endangered

Population: 1,000 to 5,00 

Distribution: The world’s only alpine parrot. Nesting on the ground means that at least 60% of nests are attacked by predators.

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Threat status: Nationally Vulnerable

Population: Less than 10,000

Distribution: Restricted to localised patches of native forests.

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Haast tokoeka

Threat status: Nationally Critical

Population: 400

Distribution: Very restricted distribution. Actively managed population lives in the Haast Range.

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Short-tailed bat/pekapeka

Threat status: Critical/Vulnerable

Population: Restricted

Distribution: Roosts in old trees in mature forests.

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Rock wren/tuke

Threat status: Nationally Endangered

Population: Sparse

Distribution: Patchy distribution through South Island alpine and subalpine areas.

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Threat status: Nationally Vulnerable

Population: Approximately 5,000

Distribution: Found only in limited areas of the South Island’s beech forest.

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Orange-fronted parakeet/kākāriki karaka

Threat status: Nationally Endangered

Population: 200-400

Distribution: Found only in the Hawdon, Poulter and Hurunui valleys.

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Blue duck/whio

Threat status: Nationally Vulnerable

Population: Less than 1,000 breeding pairs

Distribution: Found in limited numbers in fast-flowing mountain streams.

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