Find out about this community-driven project dedicated to the protection and enhancement of kōwhai trees in Otago.

Project Gold logo.
Project Gold logo

Tui in kowhai tree. Image: Jason Hosking
Tui in kowhai tree

Project Gold is a DOC initiated project dedicated to the protection and enhancement of kowhai trees in Otago by gathering seeds, growing seedlings and planting a new generation of kowhai.

The vision is: ‘Kowhai trees once again flourish throughout Otago. Golden flowers light up the hills in spring, attracting visitors and birds.’

The kowhai is one of Otago’s best known and loved indigenous trees and is ingrained in our history and Maori culture.

Project Gold has two main objectives:

  • encourage Otago people to grow and look after their own kowhai trees.
  • strengthen enthusiasm for dryland forest restoration.

Community and other volunteer support is vital to its success. We’re working with organisations, communities and individuals throughout Otago, providing resources and information and ensuring locally sourced trees are available for local projects by landowners, community groups and schools.

A highlight will be the widespread planting and maintenance of kowhai along the length of the Otago Central Rail Trail.

View a video about Project Gold

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