Giant wētā on Pig Island
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Nicola Toki is DOC's Threatened Species Ambassador. Her role is to raise awareness and inspire action for our threatened native plants and animals.


Telling the stories of New Zealand's native wildlife is Nicola's passion. She loves getting people as excited about giant wētā as they are about kiwi or kākāpō.

Get to know Nicola and see she what she's been up to lately. Find out why some of our species are at risk and learn about the not-so-cuddly critters that need our attention with Critter of the Week.

Nicola is speaking at the 'Crazy and ambitious - This is not your usual national science conference' at Te Papa in Wellington 8-10 May 2017. 

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Critter of the Week

Every Friday Nicola chats to Jesse Mulligan from Radio New Zealand about the not-so-cuddly critters that need our attention.

NZ sea lions.
New Zealand sea lions
Image: Danica Stent | DOC

New Zealand sea lion

New Zealand sea lions are one of the rarest seal species in the world. Sea lions are found mainly on beaches in Otago and Southland areas and New Zealand's Subantarctic Islands.

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