The Totara walk is also the start of the Timber Trail.
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These short walks offer a wealth of nature and history within a short distance of Pureora Village.

Track overview

Walking and tramping

5 - 30 min Easiest: Short walk

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


Tōtara Walk

Time: 30 min loop

This easy loop walk winds its way among the awe-inspiring giant podocarps for which Pureora is famous - tōtara, rimu, mātai, miro and kahikatea. Ferns grow in abundance and if you are really quiet you may hear or see native birds such as tui, fantail, kākāriki, tomtits or robins. The Tōtara Walk includes interpretative signs and plant identification signs.

The track is accessed from Barryville Road, at the Timber Trail entrance.

Historic D7 log hauler

This static display is located off the side of Pikiariki Road and gives a window into logging life in Pureora with a bulldozer and logging arch. See the conservation story play out at this site as you look towards the giant podocarp trees behind the bulldozer to the remnants of protester platforms erected in the 1970s to protest the logging of native forests such as Pureora.

From Barryville Road, turn onto Pikiariki Road.

Forest Tower

Time: 10 min

This 12 m high tower is a 10 minute walk from Bismarck Rd car park. It gives you an entirely different perspective of life up in the forest canopy. It is a good spot for observing native birds such as kereru (wood pigeon), kākāriki (parakeets), and kākā (forest parrot).

From Barryville Road, take Pikiariki Road then Bismarck Road.

The Buried Forest

Time: 5 min

1800 years ago a forest was knocked over, buried and preserved by a violent eruption from a huge volcano, whose remains now form Lake Taupo. In 1983 this remarkable forest was accidentally uncovered by a digger. Today the uncovered logs lie as they fell during the volcanic eruption.

From Barryville Road, take Pikiariki Road then Plains Road.

Vintage Steam Hauler and Tractor

Time: 5 min

A short loop track takes you past a steam hauler and winch (used until the late 1940s to haul logs from the forest for milling), and a historic tractor - reminders of past activity in the area.

From Barryville Road, take Pikiariki Road, then turn into the small parking area where the green and yellow sign is located.

Historic Crawler Tractor

Time: 10 min

In the 1930s-40s this two ton Caterpillar tractor was used to recover split tōtara posts and battens from the bush. It is protected by a covered roof with seating.

From Barryville Road, take Link Road to the carparking area, or access by walking the Timber Trail.


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